All CCTVs in building switched off before actor Sushant singh rajput’s death

On Quora, many people are posting their theories of Sushant singh rajput’s death, though the mainstream media has mainly reported it as suicide. There are many who claim that he was killed, and it was made to look like suicide, so that killer would not be traced or punished
One of the reasons to believe that it was a planned murder, is because there is no cctv footage of the building all cctv’s were switched off. Sushant singh rajput was living in a building and paying a rent of Rs 4.5 lakh monthly according to media reports. In most places, even buildings where apartment rentals are Rs 25000 a month, have CCTV, security who is always monitoring, it is a standard security measure
Yet for a Rs 4.5 lakh monthly rental flat, there is no cctv footage, clearly indicating that it may be a well planned killing. Usually posh areas have far better security measures for people living in the apartments.

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