Month: August 2021

CCTV footage used to make transfer cheque disappear in panaji bank

Indicating how security agencies are misusing the cctv footage to harass the domain investor at the bank, a transfer cheque the domain investor deposited at a private bank in panaji was stolen, so that the sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro and other fraud raw/cbi employees could falsely claim to own the business.
The domain investor requires some money for expenses like maintenance so she transferred a small amount to her personal account, which the greedy goan, gujju and sindhi scammers wanted to block, since they falsely claimed to own the business though the google, tata sponsored greedy goan, gujju and sindhi scammers like naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil, do not want to legally open their own paypal, bank account, only FALSELY CLAIM to own the bank account of the hardworking domain investor, who they HATE, criminally defame in the worst manner
The domain investor had given the bank staff three cheques for depositing, two cheques were taken and the third cheque a transfer cheque disappeared.
Initially the domain investor thought that the cheque was with the bank employee, later the bank employee said that it was not with her
When the domain investor kept searching, it appears that the person who had stolen it, threw it on the floor near the domain investor from behind, because he or she realized that the domain investor would make a racket about the cheque disappearing
The main suspect is the bespectacled gujju bank staff who was seated near the bank employee or security agency caro, husband of goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro may have also masterminded the cheque robbery since only a security agency employee could masterminded the theft so well. This is a problem since it is occuring repeatedly, when the domain investor is depositing cheques, they are disappearing at the branch
In november 2020, a cheque payment for credit card was not credited, the domain investor had an acknowledgement so she could trace it after spending a lot of time. In this case, the cheque robber was extremely smart, she or he took the cheque without giving any acknowledgement
If the domain investor had not asked about the transfer status she would face a problem later,so this indicates that customers should be careful when they are depositing multiple cheques, since some bank staff may make the cheque disappear

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CCTV coverage of Lucknow woman Priyadarshini slapping cab driver Sadat Ali, shows that fairskinned women often make fake allegations against others

Though it is not a major event, Lucknow lecturer tall slim fairskinned Priyadarshani Yadav, slapping cab driver Sadat Ali repeatedly got widespread coverage in the mainstream media. This event personifies the arrogance of beautiful women, especially fairskinned women who usually get away with cheating, violence and lies.
A darkskinned short woman would not even think of fighting with a cab driver, yet when a fairskinned woman hits others, even the police will just watch.
Increasingly, companies and government agencies are openly rewarding people based only on their appearance with Fairskinned, tall, slim people in india being the biggest beneficiaries of the government racism, lookism
The hindi news channel News24 sent their correspondent to meet Priyadarshini at her home, she refused to admit that she was wrong. The TV channel then had two female news anchors speak to priyadarshini, try to get her to admit that she made a mistake, yet priyadarshini refused to do so, continued blaming the cab driver, who has threatened to commit suicide if no action is taken against her. She also made fake allegations against the cab driver that he hit her, which are not true if the cctv footage of the slapping incident are checked
One of the reasons why the video has become extremely popular because a large number of indian citizens who are humiliated, harassed like sadat ali by goodlooking slim tall persons sympathize with sadat ali, it shows how badly goodlooking fairskinned people are treating others, doing whatever they like without being questioned by government agencies who are openly involved in lookism, discriminating against citizens who are not good looking.

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