To make defamatory videos, people asked to stand next to domain investor in public places like banks, shops

One of the reasons why revenues of Facebook/meta revenues decreased like the number of .com, .net domains with Verisign is because of the internet/tech sectors focus on slandering/criminally defaming domain investors using manipulated/photoshopped videos to justify the government financial fraud, SLAVERY, exploitation of domain investors
The domain investor is a private citizen and if anyone wants the domains they can purchase the domains, paying the market price. Instead the domain investor is closely monitored in public places, people are asked to stand or sit next to her, so that defamatory manipulated videos can be circulated to slander, criminally defame the investor, and reduce the revenues, income of the domain investor to the extent possible, justify the government SLAVERY
When the domain investor is complaining the tech/internet companies refuse to end their financial fraud, government SLAVERY racket, they do not realize that their financial fraud is adversely affecting the reputation of the internet sector, and less people will use the internet in future, they will spend less time online

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