Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Security of property is top of mind with almost everyone today, whether it is home or business. Many are choosing to install surveillance systems to secure their property and evade crime. Cameras are an essential part of surveillance systems. Though installing cameras and high-end surveillance systems can’t stop crime, the feeling of being watched is a good deterrent for many lawbreakers.

Surveillance cameras are in usageeverywhere, homes, hospitals, schools, universities and business establishments. They are also used at traffic signals to control traffic crimes. People understand the importance of installing security camera surveillance systems, but may not be sure which type of camera topurchase for their security system needs.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras are great cameras for high tech surveillance systems. Slightly bigger in size, it makes the camera more visible and thus can make the crook think twice even before committing the crime. PTZ cameras have been popular since the days of VCR systems, and still continue to be a popular choice for security cameras.

A PTZ camera can be programmed to pan back and forth, tilt up or down, or zoom in or out. It can be controlled usinga joystick, or remotely via internet or an application on a smart phone. Some PTZ cameras also allow users to program the functioning of the camera, eliminating the need to manually operate the camera what so ever. The pan-tilt-zoom feature of a PTZ camera is a great attribute for a higher quality surveillance system design.

The PTZ camerais highly flexible with regards to the zoom feature and can focus on more than one location. The zoom feature also makes it easy to capture a clear image of an object or event. It can be placed outdoors, andis typically encased within atinted-glass dome to protect the camera from weather. Placing the PTZ camera in a corner would allow 90 degree angle visibility and when placed in open areas 360 degree angle visibility for surveillance.The zoom attribute gives an option to zoom to 300 yards and more, and the low lux setting allows for clearer image capture in low-light areas.

The high extent of coverage and great flexibilities are key attributes for people to consider. In the past, typically a PTZ camera was a more expensive option because of the wide range of features. The camera line offers all of the advanced qualities of typical higher priced models at a fraction of the cost.

When choosing the type of camera for the security system for your home or business, it is necessary to get a clear idea about the different kind of cameras available in the market and to also

Hulk Security Systems, New York’s CCTV experts


Security is always a top priority, especially when you have something worth keeping safe. In my case, it’s my family. My wife and children mean the world to me and I won’t trust their safety to just anybody. Now, as great of a city as New York is, it isn’t really the safest place to live. Seeing as I couldn’t work and watch over my family, I decided I needed a security system that could be there even when I wasn’t. Now, there are many security systems out there and plenty of people willing to take your money for slapping a few cameras on your wall, but there is no company like Hulk Security.


With their top of the line CCTV security systems, Hulk Security can help you keep an extra eye on everything that is important to you. If you don’t know what CCTV is, then allow me to explain it to you in very simple terms. CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is a system of cameras that are set up on an isolated network. Essentially, it is a camera that records footage and plays it back on a TV screen located in a guard shack or screen within your home. They can also record and play back footage, making them essential pieces of evidence in burglary and other home invasion cases. Other companies may claim to be leaders in the industry, but none of them come close to the experience or service of Hulk Security.

Complete Alarms understands you need a solution to help protect you and your valuables.

Sydney is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, but the crime rate is also high. The Police are extremely overwhelmed with daily reports of stolen goods and break and enters. Thousands of people and homes get robbed in Sydney every year.

Being a homeowner it is generally your responsibility to protect the belongings of your spouse and children and all of us specialise with giving cost effective, practical and most essentially useful home security remedies.

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1、Display resolution: PAL:D1(704×576) NTSC:D1(704×480)
2、Record/network resolution: PAL:CIF(352×288) /NSTC:CIF(352×240)
3、Display frame rate:8x25FPS(PAL),8x30FPS(NTSC)
4、Record frame rate:CIF:200FPS(PAL)/CIF:240FPS(NTSC)
5、High speed USB2.0 for mouse,backup and upgrade
6、Remote controller,Support external DVD-RW
7、Top advanced arithmetic:H.264 video compression
8、4 CH playback simultaneously.4ch audio and video synchronization.
9、Remote monitoring through IE,Mobile or free CMS software,CMS for 256 CH management.
10、2 USB Interface.External HDD and DVD-RW supported.
11、Lightning protection up to >6000V to ensure higher stability.
12、Simple panel,economical and practical,Streamline structure of the hardware design.
13、House,villas,stores,offices and other small-scale video surveillance occasions.
14、Hard disk Support One 1 Terabyte HDD and external HDD
15、Power supply:Lower than 6W(without HDD) / 12V4A
20M*8PCS BNC+DC Cable
Power supply 12V5A