video door phone with CCTV camera

video door phone with CCTV camera

Item No.: VDP-318+CAM-210

Packing: gift box

1,7 inch color TFT LCD panel display
2.Effective piexls:800*480


arm/disarm,leave message,read message

4,Motion detection function

5,indoor unit can connect two-way outdoor unit

6,The indoor unit built-in one digital camera

7,Support external CCTV surveillance camera

8,GSM module

9,Power/Arm Status/unread message indication

10,USB interface,SD card socket(up to32G)

11,Power supply DC12V input

Payment: T/T, Western, Paypal

Metro Ethernet – Some Of Its Benefits

As networking technologies go, there are plenty of options that a business organization owner or a home owner can choose from. One popular and widespread technology is Metro Ethernet. Most experts state that this networking technology is maturing at a rapid pace and more and more companies or public networks are choosing to run the services based on the Metro Ethernet protocol. There are plenty of reasons why a business organization would choose Metro Ethernet.

Some of these reasons are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Availability of large number of service providers
  • Flexibility of configuration and other benefits


Some of the major benefits of Metro Ethernet are

Simpler management

Metro Ethernet is built around a very simple architecture. It integrates different types of data including voice and video and layer 2 network capabilities on a single infrastructure platform. This means vastly simpler management as far as the business organization is concerned. This also results in a significant reduction in expenses as far as network management is concerned.

 Better business productivity

Metro Ethernet is one technology that can be integrated very easily with almost any existing network. This means that an organization need not invest in new network technologies and can enhance the use of IP applications when it deploys Metro Ethernet. Metro Ethernet also offers a very high level of security.


Every business organization will always weigh the use of technology depending on the value for money that it can get to enjoy. Most Metro Ethernet service providers will have a major cost benefit to offer to their clients. Such service providers will also ensure that the Metro Ethernet infrastructure is up and running in no time at all thus reducing the possibilities of business disruption. This kind of technology or construction will also mean that networks that are based on Metro Ethernet technology can deliver significantly lower latency.

Reliability and availability

Metro Ethernet service providers will offer service level agreements that will talk about different levels of availability. For instance, most leading service providers will promise and deliver 99.99% availability which means that its client can enjoy server uptime or network uptime to an almost total extent.

You could also compare Metro Ethernet to various other network standards such as MPLS and VPN and then find out exactly how a metro Ethernet network will suit your business organization in multiple ways. Metro Ethernet has also been deployed by various industries and sectors including banking, financial, academics and medical companies to name just a few.