Imaging technology, CCTV and facial recognition

Increasingly imaging technology, has been used for facial recognition of a person using the widespread cctv installations all over the country.
First the facial features of the targeted individual are closely analyzed, to prepare a database of the features. Then these details are broadcast all over the country so that the individual cannot escape even if he or she will change their residence.

Every image of the person will be captured using a CCTV camera and closely analyzed so that incremental changes are recorded so that those assaulting her daily have the latest image. With advances in digital storage, and image compression technology it has become possible to store large amount of information in a cost effective manner

This trend was observed by a brilliant obc engineer who found that she would suffer severe and painful headaches whenever she visited any store with a cctv camera because her appearance has been used to incorrectly judge the educational and financial background, morals of an individual