A Detailed Description of Energy Companies

I had to find a Texas energy company before I could move into the house that I had just bought. I thought that I would just need to call the local utility company to get the power turned on. I had no idea that deregulation years ago made it so I get my choice of different companies. While that is great, it did leave me in a predicament, at least at first. I was looking online for some assistance to getting information on each of these companies that provide electricity to the houses and businesses in my area, and that is how I found a website that had all of the answers I could possibly want. Continue reading “A Detailed Description of Energy Companies”

Selecting the Right Energy Company

When my ex and I split up, I knew that I was going to be the one to move. We had bought a house in the country, and I absolutely hated living so far away from my friends and family. I wanted to move back to town, and I was able to find a house pretty quickly. Everything was included in the rental price other than electricity, and my landlord gave me a pamphlet that had information on my choices. It also had a note that stated for more resources, click here, and then it listed a website address.

I went to the website, and it was exactly what I needed to make the decision on which company to choose. I had never done this before, as my ex had taken care of all the utilities. Continue reading “Selecting the Right Energy Company”

CCTVs in restaurant

The recent drunk driving accident of Reliance VP legal affairs Jahnavi Gadkar in Mumbai,India indicated how omnipresent CCTV cameras are in high end restaurants all over India. In fact almost every shop, pharmacy, supermarket, shopping mall, hotel, has a few CCTV cameras installed. However the way the footage from the CCTV cameras has been used at present remains very questionable.

Unfortunately the footage from these cameras has been misused to harass, attack and defame innocent people,targetted by large corporates for talent acquisition, while people who drink and drive are not questioned or monitored at all. The lady driver was clearly drunk when she was being helped into her car, yet no one questioned the wisdom of letting her drive the car.

Why are harmless civilians monitored so closely using cctv cameras, wasting indian tax payer money, while drunk drivers in pubs and restaurants whose alchohol consumption can be easily monitored, are allowed scot free