CCTV needed to monitor breakin into house by well connected frauds

Goan gsb fraud Riddhi siddhi ‘s/slim goan obc slut sunaina’s/brahmin cheater nayanshree’s criminal gang entered the house at around 9.15 am on & October 2015 and placed a Rs 2 coin, minted in 2000, on the bed of the obc bhandari engineer’s bed to indicate how they are shamelessly defaming the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor so that the fraud riddhi siddhi sunaina, nayanshree are getting credit, because of their powerful fraud relatives and friends are falsely claiming that these lazy greedy criminal women are doing all the online work, when these frauds are not doing any work at all.
Looking for a tamper proof CCTV camera to record these intruders. Please send your offer to