CCTV at Dena Bank ATM in Panaji, goa was malfunctioning

According to news reported on television, an ATM fraud took place in Panaji, Goa when someone installed a skimmer at the ATM to steal PIN in December 2015 and the cctv camera was not working properly so the footage obtained was not clear or not available. A large amount of money is kept in the ATM, so competent security, intelligence agency officials will ensure that all CCTVs in ATMs are working properly in their area.

On the other hand, the security and intelligence agency officials in panaji, goa are extremely efficient in monitoring a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor when she will leave her house, using aerial surveillance systems because they are allegedly bribed by google, tata . In particular when she will enter a bank or store with a CCTV camera these cruel fraud officials will not lose an opportunity to defame, harass, frame her, with the visit to the state bank of india branch on 28 january 2016 an example of the harassment she has to endure daily.

This clearly indicated the misplaced priorities of the security, intelligence agencies in panaji, goa, robbers who were involved in the dena bank atm fraud were allowed to roam freely without being monitored, while a harmless single woman engineer is being closely monitored by 30-40 people in panaji so that they can torture, harass and frame her.

CCTVs driving away some customers

Most retail self service stores have CCTVs installed to prevent pilferage, however it is increasingly misused for organized stalking and framing by the cunning fraud security agencies. If a person is not well dressed or well groomed, the person will immediately be falsely accused of pilfering though the person may be honest. The officials think that they are doing a great favor by not accusing the innocent person of theft, and many organized stalking incidents have taken place in the cctv equipped store.
On the other hand, in a store where items are delivered over the counter, the store in charge cannot accuse the person of pilferage, as the customer cannot access the other items in the store. So a person who is not good looking or well groomed will prefer to purchase items from a store without a cctv, where items are delivered over the counter to avoid the harassment, organized stalking.