CCTV imaging used to frame innnocent individuals in India

If large companies want to target a particular individual to destroy competition or acquire talent and technology cheaply, they will use the widespread cctv network to track the activities of the individual who they are targetting .

If the person targetted by large corporates is not good looking enough or well groomed , the imaging can be used to frame the individual as a cheater or shop lifter. Being accused of a crime, even without proof, can ruin the professional reputation of a person and the person will be forced to work for far less than what the person deserved or get a low price when he or she wishes to liquidate their assets.

Usually the gang will send a westernized good looking or glamorous shop lifter to steal stuff and then falsely accuse the innocent ugly person of the crime. In other cases, radiation or directed energy weapons will be used to attack the ugly person causing great pain, severe headache and memory loss.Hence ugly older person who find themselves falsely accused should avoid using large retail stores and malls with CCTV cameras for shopping.

One such victim, observed that these officials were so desperate to attack her, ruin her health that small stores are no longer stocking the bread and other stuff she usually purchases from them.