SBI ATM without CCTV stolen in stolen rickshaw in Goa

NTRO has plenty of resources to stalk harmless link sellers, google competitors for more than 7 years since 2010, however it has no resources to ensure adequate surveillance of far more critical installations like ATMs which are periodically stolen,, The goan media reported that a complete SBI ATM in Pernem was stolen by robbers in a stolen rickshaw, and it was found abandaned in a forest in the area without cash of Rs 15 lakh
The SBI ATM did not have a CCTV installed according to newspaper reports clearly indicating the warped priorities of ntro, security agencies who are too busy pampering lazy greedy sex workers especially slim goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, cheater housewives and other google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees to pay attention to really important matters like ATM security