CCTV footage of stolen red eared turtle in panaji, goa wanted

In keeping with the rising crime rate in panaji, goa, a red eared slider turtle which was purchased approximately 6 months ago is missing, allegedly stolen by the intelligence and security agencies in the area, who have entered the house using duplicate keys
The turtle was present on 19 March 2018, however on 20 March 2018 at around 4 pm the turtle has disappeared
The area in which the turtle was kept has been searched, however there is no sign of the turtle anywhere,
Usually if a fish dies, the dead fish will remain in the tank, however in this case there was no trace of the dead turtle, indicating that it has been stolen after using duplicate keys to criminally trespass in the house of the google competitor by officials who are allegedly bribed by google, with money, sex, jobs for their relatives and friends like riddhi nayak siddhi mandrekar.
Any information about the stolen red eared turtle, name, address of the person who has stolen the turtle will be appreciated, or any person in panaji area who has recently acquired the stolen turtle is required.

Reward will be offered for details of the turtle robber in panaji, goa