Just Started on My New Job

I just got started on my new job down in San Angelo TX. It took me a week and a half to get set up down here. I bought a tiny little house on the outskirts of town. It is a really warm part of the world, so I am wondering how you get the grass to grow without watering it every day. They taught me when I got here that you can pick your own energy provider down here. I picked Stream energy in Texas out of four selections, although I am not really sure if it was the best choice. In fact I am not really sure that there was that much of a difference between any of them. It was just the choice that seemed to be the best based on what I could see on the web. They seemed to have the best web page among the choices that I had.

In all there are around a hundred different electricity providers down here in the state of Texas, but when you pick one you have a lot fewer at any address to choose between. I guess that the best choice is between the ones which have the lowest rates, but there did not seem to be any real difference in that. The big thing is something you will not be able to figure out until you have a disaster. That is which one is going to be the best one at responding after the lights go out. That is the really important thing to me and I would guess that it is to most other people as well. No one would want to be down here in a place as hot as it here with no air conditioning. I am sure a lot of people would die.