At Our House We Do the Battle of the Temperature

It doesn’t get cold here in Texas like it used to get back where I moved from way up north. However, after about 20 years of living down here, I get cold in the winter. I want to turn on the furnace as soon as the temperatures drop below 70. I sleep under a comforter in the summertime when my wife wants the air conditioner blasting and the fan on. Our heating and cooling disparity had me looking at TXU energy rates to save some money on our energy bills.

We run a heat pump a lot when the weather is mildly cool. It is just the air conditioner working in reverse. The electric heat pump gets the electric meter spinning pretty good, but it does not use as much energy as the furnace does. I like those hot July and August days, but my wife wants the AC running on high. When the weather turns cool, I want the heat on. So, we are using a lot of energy year round in our home. If I left it up to her, she probably would never turn the heat pump on, and she would only use a lot of electricity during the summer months for the AC system. On the other hand, I would not run that AC hardly at all, especially at night, and I would run the heat in the cool season all the time.

I am reasonably certain I am not the only husband who experiences this. It is either one or the other. Either the guy wants it warm and the woman wants it cold, or it is vice versa. Either way, it results in a lot of electricity usage in a home to keep up the battle of the temperature. Getting the lowest rate possible for our residential electricity service was a really good idea for our little home.