Saving Money and Living Better

When my roommate and I decided to move, we knew that we were going to look only at South Nashville apartments. Both of us worked in that area, and it would be nice to be able to get to work and back home in just a few minutes instead of the 30 or 40 minutes that it was taking us for our old apartment. While that was a great benefit, it is not the only reason we wanted to move. The complex was raising rent prices again, and the apartment was just not that great.

We knew that we could get something a lot nicer for the same amount of money, and we decided to just go ahead and find it since we were tired of complaining. We looked at The Melrose first because it is central to where we both work. We really liked what we saw, especially the price. We figured we would end up paying something similar, but the rent was actually less expensive than what we were paying. That assured us that we were making the right move in getting out of the old apartment before we had to renew the lease and be locked into a 12 month contract again.

We were able to get one of the two bedroom apartments that is a lot nicer than what we had too. There, our bedrooms were right next to each other, and we shared a bathroom. With our new apartment, we have a lot more privacy because our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. The nicest part of the new apartment is that we each have our own bathroom. There is one in each bedroom, which isn’t a problem since we never have visitors. I would have paid a lot more just for this luxury, so it is nice that we are actually saving money and living better!