NTRO employees associate molests google competitor while purchasing medicinal plants in panaji, goa

Increasingly aerial surveillance is used to harass the google competitor, domain investor repeatedly. For example on 7 July 2018, when the google competitor went to panaji, bus stand to purchase some medicinal plants for sale, the ntro employees who hate her and are always looking for an opportunity to defame her, used this to sexually harass her.
They first sent their microchipped associates to crowd the area. When the google competitor waited till the area was free, they sent a young man wearing a black checked shirt to sexually harass her.
The young man was intentionally trying to molest the domain investor, and the perverted ntro, raw, cbi employees probably have made videos and are circulating them to defame the domain investor as part of google’s extremely vicious defamation to cover up their sex, bribery racket, financial fraud
When the young man was at fault, sexually harassing a harmless citizen, why should the domain investor feel guilty. If she will get hold of the video, she will immediately file a police complaint and ask the police to take action against the young man who sexually harassed her
Anyone who has access to the video can contact the domain investor , so that legal action can be initiated or at least a photo posted of the young man to warn people about his character

The young man involved in molestation is following the footsteps of india’s top sexual perverts the shivalli brahmin cheater government employees hathwar, kodancha who sexually harass women engineers with a good JEE rank, ogling at them in their bathroom for more than 8 years with the help of hitech equipment, so that their lazy greedy relatives like nayanshree hathwar, who are too mediocre and lazy to answer JEE , get their own btech degree, can steal the identity of the engineer with a good JEE rank, and get a R&AW job with the stolen identity

NTRO employees have sexually harassed the google competitor for nearly 10 years, she has become immune to their harassment , why should she feel guilty, when she is not at fault