Best home security system

As people buy more expensive gadgets and appliances for their home, the need for installing home security systems has increased. Today, there are a large variety of home security systems available, to cater to the needs of customers from different backgrounds and budgets. The security requirements of a person residing in an apartment complex in a city, will differ significantly from a person who is living alone in an independent home, in a small town. The person residing in the apartment complex will usually have security guards with all visitors to house screened. So even a basic intruder alarm system would be an adequate home security system for a person residing in an apartment or condo.
On the other hand, selecting the best home security system for a person or family living in a separate house can be more complex and expensive. Most stand alone home owners cannot afford to hire a full time security guard, so the home security system has to be comprehensive enough to protect the home owner from intruders of all sizes and types. These could include burglars and robbers interested in stealing valuables from the home, as well as pests like rats who will enter the house and create havoc by eating food and cutting cables.
There are many basic home security systems, which have been developed taking advantages of the advances in telecommunication and low cost internet connections. For these a basic webcam can be interfaced with mobile phone/computing device to monitor the access points in the house, and the home owner can use a computing device remotely monitor activities in the house. However, storage of the footage can take up a lot of hard disk space, so this arrangement may not be suitable when the home owner is away for a very long period of time.
There is very little activity in an empty house, so it is advisable to use a proximity or infra red sensor to detect an intruder, and only then start recording the video footage which is stored on the hard disk. The infrared sensor will be interfaced with the CCTV cameras, and will result in a substantial reduction in the amount of hard disk space needed. In case there is any suspicion of breakin, this CCTV footage can be reviewed to get information about the intruders. Alternately in case the family is residing in the house, the system can be switched on only at night, to detect the intruders to the house.
While basic home security systems like intruder alarms are low cost and can be installed by the home owner himself, devising and installing a more sophisticated home security system can be a complicated process. The CCTV supplier will visit the premises, to evaluate the security requirements and suggest the optimal configuration for the CCTV system. This configuration of the home security system may be tweaked depending on the budget and requirement of the home owner. After ordering the home security system, the CCTV equipment will be supplied and installed by the systems integrator. Usually a warranty of at least one year is offered on the CCTV system. Ultimately the best home security system depends on the requirement of the person whose house is being secured.