CCTV Surveillance for security or sexual harassment

The fabindia Goa CCTV controversy highlighted the conflicting demands for security and privacy for women. Fabindia said that the cctv cameras were installed to prevent shop lifting as customers would steal clothes when they went to the changing room, For the minister it was a breach of privacy, she complained and action was taken for the breach of privacy.

However the fabindia controversy appears to be very minor compared to the endless sexual harassment a harmless single woman OBC engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter has been subjected for 5 years without a court order, As soon as the large companies in indian internet sector found out the revenues of the exporter,allegedly google, tata and paypal, they falsely claimed that she was a security threat and have put all her houses in Goa and Mumbai under surveillance wasting indian tax payer money. Additonally her retirement savings were stolen without a court order, and her correspodence has been diverted to goan call girls siddhi, sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar,riddhi, friends and relatives of the officials who sexually harass her falsely claiming security matters, when they want to make her penniless.

They have sexually harassed the single woman OBC engineer for years, tracking every movement, yet being an OBC and a woman in a country like India where casteism is prevalent, there appears to be no way the harmless OBC woman can end the sexual harassment. RTI requests have been ignored , lawyers threatened and bribed. Apparently in India hardworking academically brilliant OBC single woman engineers who study in top colleges and exporters have no right to privacy, only cheater /well connected brahmin women and call girls have fundamental rights