Surveillance misused by housebreakers in Goa

Often fake accusations of national security threat are made against harmless online OBC exporters to put them under surveillance for more than 5 years so that they can be easily exploited. Thieves, burglars and cheaters will always try to find out about their victim, before they attack, In the case of harmless online exporters in india tax payer money will be wasted to gather all information so that certain powerful officials, their friends and relatives can become rich and powerful overnight.

The OBC online exporter and engineer has found that people are entering her house when she is not present and then falsely claiming that the house belongs to them. These shamless frauds are misusing the surveillance the harmless exporter has been put under so that they will be never caught inside the house . Whenever they will find that the exporter is planning to visit the house, they will immediately vacate the house so that they will not be caught. However sometimes they will leave some tell tale signs that they have tampered with the appliance in the OBc exporters house . Allegedly those involved in the intrusion into the house of the OBc exporter are the goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina , brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, ruchika,veena

Hence they need to keep the harmless obc exporter under surveillance for years, wasting indian tax payer money so that they can continue to exploit and cheat her, falsely claim that they own her assets. If she was not under surveillance, it would be very difficult for them to defame her, enter her house whenever they wanted without being caught. Demonizing and spreading false rumors about the harmless online exporter are the preferred method used by the greedy fraud gang to continue to keep the harmless online exporter under surveillance