CCTV camera needed on rent

CCTV camera needed on rent to find out who has been entering a house using duplicate key. It appears that a well connected identity theft gang, probably neighbours, goan call girls and cheaters , have been entering the house of a obc single woman engineer repeatedly without her permission to falsely claim that they own the house .
When these people enter the house, they will leave some tell tale signs of intrusion. However cctv coverage will be required so that a case of intrusion can be filed . Unfortunately the well connected intruders have powers of surveillance over the obc engineer, wasting tax payer money, whose house they are breaking into, so that they will not be caught.
They also have access to expensive electronic equipment including jammers to block all electronic equipment.
The equipment is needed on rent in Panaji, Goa for a month or more .Kindly note that the shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar , wife of guruprasad has cheated the obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and is not associated with the obc engineer in any way, as the well connected cheater nayanshree refused to reply to her victim after looting her of her hard earned money. Similarly the greedy lazy liar slim glamorous goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina, brahmin cheater riddhi do not pay a single paisa towards the website expenses , yet falsely claim to own the website to get permanent jobs allegedly in R&AW