A Detailed Description of Energy Companies

I had to find a Texas energy company before I could move into the house that I had just bought. I thought that I would just need to call the local utility company to get the power turned on. I had no idea that deregulation years ago made it so I get my choice of different companies. While that is great, it did leave me in a predicament, at least at first. I was looking online for some assistance to getting information on each of these companies that provide electricity to the houses and businesses in my area, and that is how I found a website that had all of the answers I could possibly want.

There are so many companies that it would have taken me a while to go to each of their websites to get the information I would need. I wasn’t even sure if their own websites would have had all of the information that I found on this one website. They went above and beyond in getting as much information on each electricity company that they could. Not only were rate plans part of the description, but customer service reviews, the histories of the companies, their social impacts on the communities they are in, and so much more was part of it too.

I was able to put in some personal information like my name, phone number and zip code, and I got a quote that was custom made for me. That is how I decided to go with Just Energy, because I liked their quotes and rate plans the best. I also like that they are heavily involved in a green movement that is aimed at protecting our planet. I am not a hardcore environmentalist, but I do my best, and that is another main reason why I chose Just Energy over the others.