8 Ch CCTV system

Factory mainly produce CCTV Camera & DVR. We can provide 2 years warranty for camera & 1 years for DVR. . ,
Unit Price: US$370
Delivery times: 3-7 days after the order confirmed.
payment terms: L/C,T/T or Western Union

Optical illusions

CCTVs can be used to monitor different activities, but they do not provide the complete picture.  Since they only show a 2 dimensional view, it can result in an optical illusion.

Wireless cameras

Compared to conventional CCTVs ,  wireless cameras are becoming increasingly popular since no wiring is required prior to installation.  They usually operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, with prices starting from around $60 for a basic model and higher prices for additional features.  If you wish to buy from China, these cameras can be purchased online.

Security in cities

With the increase in the number of terrorist attacks in many countries, local and national governments have been paying a lot of attention to security.

City centers and Public spaces are often the target of terrorists since these areas are densely populated and attacking these areas causes maximum damage to life and property

Governments increase security by:
1. installing security cameras
2. conducting random checks and detaining any person whose behavior seems suspiciou

CCTV for surveillance

If you are installing a CCTV for surveillance which will be used as legal evidence, it is advisable to select  one which can display the time and date.  It should work in low light and be connected to a recorder with sufficient capacity.  It is important to take regular backups of the footage stored.

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CCTV magazine

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