Month: May 2019

NTRO employees parekh, parmar, nikhil sha again molest single woman engineer in panaji, to get their sex service provider naina chandan a cbi salary

India is the only country in the world where the government treats educated women very badly and since 2010, is open involved in justifying the identity theft of harmless experienced women engineers from top colleges only on the basis of photoshopped videos, photos and completely fake allegations without any legally valid proof by powerful fraud ntro, raw, cbi, security agency employees who hate these educated women

If any cunning shameless fraud government employee like caro, nayak, mandrekar, pritesh chodankar, nayak, hathwar, parmar, parekh, nikhil sha want to get their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends like gujju sex queen naina chandan and relatives raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money they have their associates molest hardworking single women engineers when they are in public places,
then these fraud ntro employees are wasting taxpayer money to make photoshopped videos to defame the hardworking engineer and get their lazy greedy associates a monthly raw/cbi salary without any work at all, without investing any money

On april 10, 2019, the gujju sex addict ntro employees parmar, parekh, nikhil sha and their associates again molested the hardworking single woman engineer whose identity they have stolen to get the gujju panaji sex queen school dropout housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh,her lazy greedy fraud sons nikhil, karan, cbi jobs for faking domain ownership
The domain investor was shopping at a department store in panaji goa in the panaji market area, and she was paying the bill. Then one of the associates of the gujju fraudsters nikhil sha, parekh intentionally came near her from behind and molested her repeatedly so that they could prepare defamatory videos to justify the identity theft . The domain investor was paying the bill, so she could not look behind and when looked the person was gone.

This repeated molestation by the lovers of the google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee panaji sex queen housewife naina chandan, has made it very difficult for the domain investor to go shopping, because ntro employees parmar, parekh and nikhil sha are ruthless in molesting her in public places, through their associates, wasting indian tax payer money in the process.

Anyone who can end the molestation by gujju and goan officials, their associates, kindly contact.

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