Month: August 2020

Panaji sindhi scammer raw employee nikhil again tries to generate manipulated cctv footage to cover up his computer work, banking, real estate fraud

Though the panaji sindhi scammer brothers raw/cbi employees nikhil, karan, and their fraud father pran have been extremely ruthless in criminally defaming the domain investor to ruin her reputation completely, they are also extremely GREEDY AUDACIOUS SHAMELESS FRAUDSTERS ,LIARS spreading false rumors that they are working with the domain investor when panaji top fraud sindhi scammer brothers are LAZY FRAUDS who have never done any kind of computer work at all
To cover up the fraud, these shameless sindhi liars, are always trying to generate manipulated cctv footage. Again on 17 August 2020, the fraud nikhil again tried to generate manipulated footage for covering up his BANKING FRAUD
Soon after the domain investor closed the terrace door, she usually leaves the house immediately. So she went to the balcony to have a look and close the door. She found that the fraud nikhil was loitering at his royal enfield bike. Usually people leave on their bike almost immediately, yet to capture the domain investor in the same frame on their cctv and then show some conversation , he waited for a long time
Realizing that the sindhi scammer nikhil was again trying to generate manipulated cctv video footage with the help of his mother naina chandan’s lovers like nikhil sha, the domain investor waited for some time, till he left. This shows how ruthless and cunning the sindhi scammers are in generating manipulated CCTv footage after ruining the reputation of a hardworking harmless single woman completely