Month: January 2024

CCTV footage shows body of model divya pahuja being taken out from hotel

Dead body of gurugram model divya pahuja recovered from haryana canal after cctv footage showed the body being taken out from the hotel

gurugram model divya pahuja was the daughter of a vegetable seller and led a simple life till she was 20. Then suddenly her lifestyle changed after she became the girlfriend of top gangster sandeep gadoli , she started wearing expensive clothes, and travelling extensively.
She was also allegedly responsible for the killing of the gangster in a hotel near mumbai airport allegedly providing information to the police.
The model was allegedly killed in City Point Hotel, Gurugram in the first few days of January by the owner Abhijeet Singh.
The CCTV footage of the hotel shows the body of the model being taken out from the hotel after the murder, the killers did not think that the cctv footage would be checked later
After extensive search the decomposed body of divya pahuja was recovered from a canal in haryana. It was identified from the tattoo on her back.

Like divya pahuja, the lifestyle of another gurugram resident fraud raw employee mba ruchita kinge who is faking ownership of this and other websites has become extremely lavish in the last one year, and she is being tracked closely to detect if there is any crime connection.

CCTV footage shows persian cat cheeku leaving the flat

While some citizens who are victims of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector are making huge losses despite working long hours, others have plenty of money. The newspapers reported the case of a noida couple,the kumars who is offering Rs 1 lakh reward to anyone who can trace their missing persian cat cheeku. At first the couple thought that the cat had hidden himself and they would him.
However later while checking the CCTV footage, they found that the cat had left their second floor flat . The cat has left the home more than 15 days ago, and the cat owners are missing him.

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CCTV camera footage helps to detect sindhis robbing cash, jewelry from neighbors house.

It is difficult to trust neighbors even in posh areas, as the media report on a burglary in Andheri, Mumbai. The homeowners had gone abroad and left their teenage son with a relative in Kurla . Since CCTV cameras were installed with audio enabled, he noticed that that there were masked intruders in the house on 24 December 2023. Later when the house was checked, it was found that the burglars had carried away the vault in the home, with cash, jewelry worth Rs 23 lakh
When the police checked the other CCTV footage they found that there was no visitors to the building who matched the burglars.
The name mentioned in audio matched the name on the nameplate of the neighbor.
When the police entered the house, they found only paying guests, later they went inside and found the masks and other clothes which the burglars wore. In this case the sindhi robbers were arrested, however the government agencies refuse to take action against the kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan,pune axe bank manager nikhil, who have got lucrative government jobs for faking ownership of their neighbours house, which they criminally trespass, when the neigbor is not at home.

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