NTRO employees used manipulated CCTV footage to ensure that their domain fraud was never questioned

In a clear case of the complete lack of ethics in the indian internet and it sector Google, tata collaborate with fraud top officials, LIAR husbands, sugar daddies to commit a massive BANKING,ONLINE FRAUD on google competitor for 10 years to ROB google competitor of everything

the fraud was masterminded by the narcissitic sociopath mhow monster ntro employee puneet j who kept repeating his fake mantra of trust, using manipulated cctv footage to commit his FINANCIAL, BANKING, ONLINE AND DOMAIN FRAUD for 10 years

the indian government was monitoring every financial transaction of the google competitor for 10 years, yet in a clear indication of the complete lack of honesty and humanity of the indian and state governments especially the goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka government, it refused to audit or check the financial, bank records of the 10 google, tata sponsored call girl, cheater housewife, fraud, liar raw/cbi employees faking domain, paypal account ownership

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