In a unique FINANCIAL, DOMAIN FRAUD, to avoid paying Rs 4 lakh annually in domain renewal expenses, ntro, raw, cbi making and circulating photoshopped cctv footage of real domain investor who they all hate.

They are taking advantage of FINANCIAL FRAUD of the indian government which refuses to rely on financial records to determine domain ownership, instead using CCTV MANIPULATED FOOTAGE to make fake claims of domain ownership. If many powerful men hate the domain investor and are producing enough MANIPULATED DEFAMATORY videos and photos of the real domain investor, the government refuses to acknowledge the FINANCIAL rights of the domain investor and falsely claims that the relatives, girlfriends, sugar babies of the powerful men, who are not spending any money on domains, own the domains of the woman being defamed

With advances in technology, it is possible to manipulate CCTV footage to any extent, why is the indian government relying exclusively on the manipulated CCTV footage to make decisions and refusing to acknowledge the real domain investor.