Manipulated CCTV footage has become a big racket in India

One of the biggest frauds in India, is how manipulated CCTV footage has become a big racket in India and DEFAMING hardworking honest citizens, has become the easiest way to get a lucrative raw/cbi job with monthly salary without doing any computer work, without investing any money online at all

The manipulated and photoshopped CCTV footage is used to CRIMINALLY DEFAME the hardworking citizen, and then the indian, goan government falsely claims that those who circulating the DEFAMATORY videos, photos,own the bank account, house of the person who they have defamed, to pay the frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary without doing any kind of computer work at all

For example, ntro, raw, cbi employees especially the panaji perverted gujju brothers karan, nikhil hate the domain investor, and are making PHOTOSHOPPED videos of the domain investor for the last seven years to get monthly salaries without doing any computer work, and without investing any money

It is an indication of the incompetence of the indian government that it refuses to check bank details, instead hires employees only on the basis of manipulated photoshopped videos derived from CCTV footage

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