CCTV footage of panaji gujju fraudster karan leaving for college in red maruti vitara brezza exposes goan security agency, government WRITING, BANKING FRAUD

The domain investor has been CRIMINALLY DEFAMED in panaji, goa, as a idle person, with no income, with the LIAR goan security agency, government openly involved in a WRITING, BANKING FRAUD, falsely claiming that various call girls, school dropout and their sons, cheaters, robber raw/cbi employees who do no computer work,and do not hire anyone own her paypal, bank account to pay all these frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary

The shameless gujju FRAUD LIAR officials led by nikhil sha, parmar, tushar parekh, are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy liar sons nikhil, karan, of their gujju sex queen cbi employee naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, who do no computer work, own the iwriter account 137870, which actually belongs to a single woman engineer who the gujju officials, sex queen, her sons, HATE
The security agency employees in panaji, goa are closely monitoring the domain investor, engineer falsely claiming that they are worried about honesty, yet they are openly involved in a massive WRITING, COMPUTER WORK fraud.
the black money rich gujju fraudster family of naina, karan, nikhil have a cctv installed in the front side of the house, and on all weekdays, which are not college holidays, the CCTV footage will show that panaji gujju fraudster karan leaving for his commerce college in panaji in his red maruti vitara brezza l2233 at around 7.45 am and he does not come back till 11.30 am or later.
In college, karan is not doing any computer work, yet the goa government continues with its great WRITING, BANKING FRAUD of falsely claiming that the gujju panaji fraudster owns the paypal, bank, iwriter account of a single woman engineer he hates, to get him a monthly government salary at the expense of the engineer.

Similarly the shameless fraud liar goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, her sisters, cousin teji and aunt are also not having any laptop at home to do the writing work, yet like the gujju officials, the goan officials are also SHAMLESS LIARS,with no self respect, duping people, companies and countries with their complete lies.
The goan gsb fraud cbi employee robber housewife riddhi nayak caro, is also only looking after her home, family, she does no computer work, does not hire anyone, only relies on her powerful LIAR husband caro, father nayak to make fake claims while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real writer, a single woman engineer,
R&AW employee call girl siddhi mandrekar does not reside in panaji, goa

This is posted as a fraud alert to expose the writing, banking fraud, in panaji, goa since 2010

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